Regime di dispensazione classe a sconto

regime di dispensazione classe a sconto

dispensing; distribution. A divine decree affecting an individual or group. Minoximen 5, minoxidil 5 trattamento sintomatico dellalopecia androgenica, lozione. Dispensation - a share that has been dispensed or distributed share, percentage, portion, part - assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group; "he wanted his share in cash". Lenkung f, Reg(e)lung. Verzicht m ( with auf akk ) * * * noun 1) (distribution) Verteilung, die ( to an Akk. Medieval Latin dispnsti, dispnstin-, from Latin, distribution, management, from dispnstus, past participle of dispnsre, to distribute ; see dispense. REL a) göttliche Lenkung (der Welt) b) auch divine ( oder heavenly ) dispensation (göttliche) Fügung: the dispensation of Providence das Walten der Vorsehung. Zuteilung f, Gabe. (of favours) Gewährung, die 2) (exemption) Sonderregelung, die * * *.

( of favours gewährung, die 2) ( exemption ) Sonderregelung, die * * * dispensation dspensen n ( form ). An exemption or release from an obligation or rule, granted by or as if by an authority. Also found in: Thesaurus, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

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The act of distributing or dispensing. Exemption, licence, exception, permission, privilege, relaxation, immunity, relief, indulgence, reprieve, remission The committee were not prepared to grant special dispensation. No pl (handing out ) Verteilen nt, Verteilung f ; of medication also Ausgabe f, Abgabe f schweiz. Noun 1) ( distribution ) Verteilung, die ( to an, akk. LAW Rechtsprechung f * * * "dIspen'seISn n 1) ( handing out ) Verteilung f ; (of charity ) Austeilung f dispensation of justice Rechtsprechung f 2) ( exemption) Dispensation f ; ( eccl ) Dispens f special dispensation Sonderregelung f 3) ( system, regime. A relaxation of law granted by a competent superior. The document containing this exemption. Einrichtung f, Vorkehrung. (Roman Catholic Church) chiefly RC Church. A certain order, system, or arrangement; administration or management. Dispensation - an exemption from some rule or obligation permission, permit, license - the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization variance - an official dispensation to act contrary to a rule or regulation (typically a building regulation "a zoning variance". 132575; Middle English Medieval Latin, Latin dispensational, adj.

regime di dispensazione classe a sconto