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still reducing the impact of cheaters on games. Roll back conditions, the current Roll Back feature will roll back all games (victories and defeats) the banned cheater participated. This one-sided removal of matches is not an ideal system, and we have concluded that, win or lose, rolling back MMR from all matches that have a confirmed cheater present is a more effective solution. Maggiori informazioni riguardo l'uso dei cookie. In the chart above, the larger spikes are boosted players having the MMR rolled back from Platinum/Diamond to a much lower rank. This indicates that MMR swings are not nearly as significant as we had initially anticipated.

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When a cheater is banned, this feature will roll back MMR gains and losses for all players from matches that the banned cheater participated in for that Season. In test-cases where we roll backed MMR only from when a team with a cheater wins a match (only victories, no defeats we found that it severely imbalanced MMR equity as the MMR they lost from losing remained, but MMR they gained from winning was. We have tested various avenues and parameters within the new MMR Roll Back environment, but we continue to look forward to further developing this process further with feedback from our community. We look forward to evolving this feature with feedback from our community on the forums, and the official subreddit. The larger spikes in particular (-5600 MMR for example) are the result of players that are consistently playing with cheaters over an extended period of time having their MMR rolled back. With this in mind, we also explored the possibility for limited MMR resets based on recency, and tested MMR resets for the last 7 days vs the entire Season. You can see what this looked like from a data perspective below. In preparation before going live, the MMR Roll Back system has been silently running in the background over the course of the last Season as we collected data to identify potential issues, account for outliers, and properly investigate edge cases.