Simply sconti stellaria

simply sconti stellaria

caryophyllaceae. 5 In Great Britain, it is most common in the south and west, infrequent in the north. Plants in the genus Cerastium are very similar in appearance to Stellaria and are in the same family ( Caryophyllaceae ). 10 Not all of these uses are supported by scientific evidence.

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The five petals are white, deeply bifid, the cleft extending almost to the base and sconti cisalfa roma giving the impression that there are actually ten petals; in length the petals are equal to or slightly longer than the sepals. "Triterpenoid saponins of the Caryophyllaceae and Illecebraceae family". The leaves are oval and opposite, the lower ones with stalks. Sparsely hairy, with hairs in a line along the stem. The stamens are usually 3 and the styles. This plant flowers and sets seed at the same time.

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